How to Cancel HP Instant Ink Program?

Printing plans will always depend on the number of pages you print in a month but not the amount of ink which you used; it can save your lots of money. Moreover, you don’t even have to experience the hassle of cartridge shipping. HP offers such type of subscription plan through its HP Instant Ink Program.

How to Cancel HP Instant Ink Program?
How to Cancel HP Instant Ink Program?

About the HP Instant Ink Program

The HP Instant Ink Program is an ink cartridge replacement services offered by HP. It will allow users to replace the cartridges when it is running low. This program included into the setup process, where the customer can choose a plan between,

  • Instant Ink Subscription plans
  • Purchasing ink at retail stores or online

However, an Instant Ink Subscription plan offers almost four plans to easily choose from which is usually based on how many pages you print each month.

  1. Free Printing Plan
  2. Occasional Printing Plan
  3. Moderate Printing Plan
  4. Frequent Printing Plan

To participate in it, you need to enroll yourself with the HP Instant Ink eligible printer in an HP instant Ink Plan that includes a fee which is completely based on the plan you choose. After that, the printer sends ink information to HP, and when the ink level gets low, HP will automatically ships ink replacement ink cartridges. Although, this program doesn’t require assurance or annual fee from any user.

Steps to Cancel HP Instant Ink Program

Additionally, you can also cancel this subscription anytime you want. But before canceling the HP Instant Ink Subscription, read out the following point which is important to know,

  1. You can cancel the enrollment in HP Instant Ink at any time you want without paying any Penalty to HP.
  2. HP Instant Ink cartridges don’t work after the end of your current billing period, and you are required to return to the HP. After completed your billing cycle, if you want to print continue then ensure that you have standard replacement ink cartridges which are ready to use in your printer.
  3. Your services will continue until the ends of your current billing period.
  4. There is no any pro-rated reimbursement for the residue of your current billing period.

Thus, if you cancel your account and want to re-enroll, then all free promotional months and rollover pages are forfeited permanently. If you still want to cancel or disable your HP Instant Ink account, then you need to follow the below-given instruction.

  1. Click to ‘Sign In’ to your HP Instant Ink account.
  2. Then, navigate to the Status area of your HP Instant Ink account page.
  3. Now, a printer drop-down menu appears on your screen, click on it and choose the printer that you wish to cancel it.
  4. Check the ‘ePrint address or Print History’ of the printer to confirm that you have chosen a correct printer from the list.
  5. Under the ‘My Account’ area, select the ‘Change Plan’ option and press ‘Cancel Enrollment’ tab.
  6. Lastly, hit ‘Cancel Service’ to confirm your cancellation request.
  7. When finished, you will receive a confirmation notification of the cancellation which is sent you via a Mail.
  8. Finally, now you will no longer be billed by HP.

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