How To Check Your iPhone’s Battery Performance?

You may have observed that there are plenty of different options present in iPads and iPhones which help the users to know which application is eating the maximum amount of battery power. Unfortunately, none of them inform anything about the battery’s performance.

How To Check Your iPhone's Battery Performance

Check your iPhone’s battery health performance and make it work better.

Difference between battery health and battery life

There is a massive difference between battery health and battery life. ‘Battery life’ lets you know how much time is taken by your battery for getting it charged completely. Whereas, the ‘battery health’ tells you about the battery life that will get reduced with time. It gets very annoying if you require to charge your smartphone again and again. Nowadays, the battery has become non-removable in most of the devices which do not let the users change it frequently.

For iOS 11.3 and later versions

  1. Firstly, go to Settings applications.
  2. Click on Battery.
  3. Press on Battery Health.
  4. Note that there will be given percentage immediately after the Maximum Capacity.
  5. Remember! The greater percentage is better for your gadget.
  6. Under that, you may observe the way your gadget is working based on battery health. It will be presented to you under the ‘Peak Performance Capability.’

Battery Life Doctor

Like always, your problems can be solved by using some of the applications that are readily available in the Play Store.

For instance, you can use Battery Life Doctor. For knowing the method of using this application, go through the given below steps.

  1. Firstly, you’ll get to see your battery’s health status after installing this application.
  2. After that, note that this application consists of many parts.
  3. Click on Details to know about the minute details about your battery’s health status.

Tips to increase battery performance

Enable the auto brightness

If you have switched off Auto brightness then, this the perfect time to switch it on. You can do it by following the given below instructions.

1.     Firstly, go to Settings.

2.     Then, click on General.

3.     After that, press on Accessibility.

4.     Lastly, press on Display Accommodations.

Decrease the Auto-Lock time

1.     Firstly, go to Settings.

2.     Then, press on Display and Brightness.

3.     After that, click on Auto-Lock.

4.     Lastly, select the 30 seconds option.

Prefer Wi-Fi

It is a fact that Wi-Fi uses very less power. So I recommend you to always use Wi-Fi rather than Cellular data.

Decrease the level of Brightness

1.     Firstly, go to the Control Center.

2.     Then, decrease the brightness.

Note: Try to make it as low as possible for making your device work for a longer time.

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