How to Fix Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error?

Usually, the Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error indicates that you will not be able to print. This 4Ferror message is associated with the print head which simply indicate that your print head has a temperature error or has an electrical problem with the printer. The Brother Printer error Unable to Print-4F is the ordinary printer error which sometimes irritating the users while working on your computer which immediately needs print.

How to Fix Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error
How to Fix Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error?

Nevertheless, a Print head located under each of the ink cartridges but in some printers, it is assembled into an ink cartridge, and it contains many hollows which the ink fills up. Once the Ink is filled, multiples of tiny nozzles available in the print head spray droplets of ink on to the page to create a print.

Causes of Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error

There are various causes of this Brother Printer error, but the most common is that remanufactured or companionable inks have blocked nozzles of the print head. This may occur when there is no ink available in the print head, and the resisters will start to head, and because of this it tended to overheat and exhausted the printer that shows an error message.

Sometimes, it occurs because of using the low quality or low-cost inks on your Brother printer. And many times, any object might jam in the machine such as a paper clip, any ripped piece of papers, or due to mechanical malfunction it can throw an error message on your screen.

Steps to Fix Brother Printer ‘Unable to Print-4F’ Error

Beneath we are providing you with few effective solutions to troubleshoot the Brother Printer Unable to Print-4F’ Error. Here how to fix it:

Option-1: Check Brother Printer Warranty

To fix this Brother Printer Unable to Print-4F’ Error, first, you need to check the warranty of your brother printer; if you have brought your printer before a year, then the company will have provides you with a standard warranty of 1 year. To take advantage of the 1-year warranty, call the company to get fix it or replace your printer with the newest one.

Option-2: Manually Check the Brother Printer

We recommend you that you just check the Brother printer manually, as many printer models have a replaceable or removable print head. Thus, it is one of the easiest options is to purchase a new print head and replaced it with your old print head.

Option-3: Fix Temperature Error

Whenever your printer resisters are overheating, you have to give them some time to cool down; this could help you in fixing the issue. Here follow the steps.

  1. Firstly, clear all the ink cartridges from your brother printer and clean the contacts.
  2. After that, unplug your printer from both power cord and device.
  3. Now, leave your printer to cool down for at least 10-20 minutes.
  4. Then, replacing or fill all inks in the printer.

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