How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 4F?

Brother Printers are popular for providing top quality printers with fabulous features and amazing customer service among users. Almost millions of users are using Brother printers for professionals, home, and office usage around the world. Printer always plays an important role in doing the printing or scanning task. Thus, being an electronic device, several times users may face many issues related to this error or printer may malfunctions when there is any harm to any parts or when the printer overheats. Among all the error, one most ordinary error of Brother Printer is Error Code 4F. It restricts the printer from printing any documents. Usually, the Brother printer shows an error code 4F whenever the print head of your printer has some electrical fault, or it might be possible your printer is suffering from temperature issue or get overheated. However, the print head located in the bottom of the ink cartridges and has various chambers so that the ink fills up easily. Once the ink is filled, numbers of small nozzles in the print head spray droplets the ink directly on to the page to take a print.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code 4F

Causes of Brother Printer Error Code 4F

Although there are many causes behind the Brother printer error code 4F, some most common causes are that when the use of compatible and remanufactured inks has completely blocked the print head nozzles. It may generally happen when users are using the cheap or low-quality ink; therefore, it damages the parts of the printer and shows an error code 4F. Sometimes, this error occurs on the screen when your print head shows no ink message and due to this printer get overheated and exhausted. Moreover, there might be some paper jamming issue or any object jam in the printer such as a paper clip, any ripped piece of papers, or many times occurs due to mechanical failure displays a message of error code 4F.

Tips to Resolve Brother Printer Error Code 4F

Underneath are some simple tips and tricks which help you in troubleshooting the Brother printer error code 4F. The steps are simple and less time consuming only if you follow them in the correct sequence as mentioned below. The steps are discussed below:

  1. Firstly, verify your printer’s manual to ensure that the printer model has a removable or replaceable print head or not. If yes, replace the older printhead with the newest one.
  2. Additionally, make sure that any foreign object is lodged in the printer or not. In case, if anyone found any staples or dust in the printer, we suggest you unplug your printer and carefully check around its print head and with the help of air duster blow out the objects that stuck in the printer.
  3. Lastly, check your resistors, if your printer resistors overheated, you have to remove all the ink cartridges from the printer. Gently clean the contacts displaying on the cartridges and printers. Therefore, unplug your printer for about half an hour leave them idle to cool down. After cooled down, again plug in the printer and install all the ink cartridges back into it.

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