The Harms of Refilling Printer Cartridges

Printers are not for only offices anymore, now you need to have a home printer for school projects or running your in-house business. The issue we will deal in this blog is what to do when you run out of cartridges and need replacement. The high cost of buying new cartridges and ink from printer manufacturers pushes many users to explore cheaper solutions. Many choose to use refill cartridges instead, as it seems like an economical alternative as at times it costs nearly half the price of a new cartridge. 

The Harms of Refilling Printer Cartridges

Within not so long, there has been a rise in a number of avenues offering ink refilling, generic printer cartridges, re-manufactured toners and other products like them. Few people buy ink refill kits and do it themselves. It may seem like a money-saving way to reduce operational cost but may costs much more in a longer run.

It may damage your Printer, and you may lose the warranty.

The ink refilling method has higher chances of leakage and clogging especially on the printer head. It may need urgent repair or even replacement. The print heads, nozzles, and foam inside a cartridge tend to degrade over time. The risk of leakage is higher when one attempts to do the refilling on their own. The whole process is quite messy, complicated and very difficult to get right other than being highly time-consuming. The chances of overfilling or leaving air bubbles in the cartridge while refilling are very high. Most importantly by using refilled cartridges, you may lose the company’s warranty, which would be a much more significant loss. In addition, if you soil your clothes or other belongings in the process, the whole idea of saving money goes to waste.

Substandard Ink and print quality

The substandard ink provided in the refill kits or by the third party suppliers is likely to fade faster, and the print quality is not up to the mark. The difference is noticeable the most when you print high-resolution photos or business documents containing graphics. Generally, when the refilling process is not correctly done, the printouts tend to have blots of ink at places, streaks, mixed or missing colors, etc. If you use your printer for business purposes and the compromise with print quality is unacceptable, then it is better to use standard cartridges.

Cartridge problems

Printer cartridges ideally are designed for single use. Refilled and even generic cartridges may leak or have an alignment issue with the printer. Such a situation will undoubtedly lead to damage and other printer problems. Refilling cartridges multiple times degrades the print head, nozzles, and foam inside it. At times cartridges can simply stop working or even are physically damaged. There have many studies that have suggested that use of generic toner or ink in a refilled cartridges leads to damages.

It may seem like a smart and economical move to use refilled cartridges, but with time, the troubles and cost that accompany with it will be high.

Sofia Williams is a technology buff, IT expert and works in a leading printer manufacturing company. She loves to read and write about the latest technology concerning major printer brands and researches on the solutions related to canon printer support, Epson printer support, Brother etc.

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